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A whopping 99% of cold-formed steel building companies in the UK are more like jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts than manufacturers – they piece together components from other sources and call it their own masterpiece. But not us at Inclad Steel Buildings!

Nestled in the heart of Newcastle, we’re not just another supplier in the steel frame business. Oh no, we’re the wizards behind the curtain! For over 25 years, we’ve been the maestros of manufacturing, crafting nearly every part of your steel building. From the roof rafters and columns, to the stylish steel purlins and side cladding rails, and let’s not forget our pièce de résistance – about the roof and side wall sheeting, gutters, and flashings. We’re like the Swiss Army knife of steel buildings – versatile, reliable, and always on point.

We take immense pride in being the one-stop shop for all building components. Why juggle multiple suppliers when you can have the whole shebang with us? Our approach simplifies the process for building erectors across the UK and ensures consistency in quality and design – because who likes mismatched socks, right?

Choosing Inclad means choosing a legacy of excellence, homegrown in Newcastle. We’re not just the manufacturers of the components of your steel buildings; we’re the architects of your trust and the engineers of your satisfaction. And we do it all with a cheeky smile and a cuppa in hand, because that’s the Newcastle way!

So, for a steel building experience as robust and charming as a Geordie accent, you know where to turn – Inclad Steel Buildings, where every beam holds a story and every sheet has a smile.”


Founder: Inclad Steel Buildings

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