The Process

The Inclad Steel Building Process: Your Journey to a Perfect Steel Structure

Step 1: Initial Consultation
Contact us via phone, email, or our website to start the conversation. Share your project ideas, requirements, and specifications with us. Our experienced team will provide guidance and insights to help shape your vision into a feasible plan.
Step 2: Design Phase
Utilising advanced software, we create a bespoke design tailored to your needs. Once we present you with a draft, you'll have the opportunity to review and request modifications. We'll work with you until the final design perfectly aligns with your vision.
Step 3:Manufacturing
We use only the highest quality, sustainably sourced steel. Each component of your building is crafted with precision at our facility, undergoing rigorous quality control to ensure durability and safety.
Step 4: Delivery and Construction
We ensure timely and safe delivery of all components to your site. Our skilled construction team then erects your building, adhering to strict safety standards throughout the construction process.
Step 5: Handover and Aftercare
We conduct a final inspection to ensure every aspect of the project meets your expectations. After handing over the keys to your new steel structure, our commitment to your satisfaction continues with ongoing support for any further needs or questions.

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